The So Cal Fibershed is a project of the folks here at Textile Arts Los Angeles. We encourage our members and friends to check out the site and engage with the platform - as in, please

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The Southern California Fibershed encompasses the region south of San Luis Obispo to San Diego, from the Pacific Coast to the Arizona border. The Fibershed encourages community building and connections between textile artists, designers, fiber farmers, processing mills, suppliers, and retail businesses. They encourage a transparency that will empower wearers, farmers, artisans, and consumers to engage with and understand the soil-to-skin paradigm.

Southern California is an urban center dense with talented designers, makers and artisans eager to engage with and understand alternative processes. The So Cal Fibershed aims to generate awareness and teach the necessary skills to build and sustain a thriving textile culture that functions hand-in-hand with principles of ecological balance, local economies, and regional organic agriculture.

The So Cal Fibershed launched in July 2019. They are an affiliate of Fibershed.