Mindful Materials Tee

Mindful Materials Tee


Each year, the average American discards 70 pounds of clothing. Several billion tons of textile waste are discarded every year. Textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world, behind petroleum. MINDFUL MATERIALS tees are “upcycled”: they were diverted from a second hand store or the trash, washed, overprinted, and returned to a useful – and beautiful! – life. Please wear this shirt in awareness of its true value, commit to keeping it for at least a year (if not a lifetime!), and finding it a useful purpose for it when it leaves your hands! 

A percentage of sales of each shirt will fund Textile Arts LA student memberships. Each shirt is unique.

No two shirts are alike. Please indicate size preference. Shirts will also be available at the Culver City ArtWalk on October 6th from 12 noon to 6 pm.

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