Materiality & Method Exhibition Fees

Materiality & Method Exhibition Fees

from 20.00

All artists accepted to the Materiality and Method exhibition at Pretty Smart in Long Beach are asked to pay for a $20 entrance fee. This fee covers promotion and the opening reception for the exhibition.

If you would like to receive professional photos of the exhibition, please contribute an additional $20 with the entrance fee. This fee is entirely optional. These additional monies will pay for a professional photographer, who will shoot the exhibit as a whole, as well as the reception. These photographs can be used to advertise your work and to add flavor on your own website. They will not be individual “Portfolio” shots of your specific work. [If you are interested in portfolio shots, you may contact Cecily Brown and arrange a solo shoot.]

Please refer to the acceptance email you’ve received for any other details regarding drop off, exhibition timeline, etc. Thank you for your participation. We’re delighted to have you in our inaugural show!

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