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Textile Society of America Symposium 2018

The theme of TSA’s 16th Biennial Symposium is The Social Fabric: Deep Local to Pan Global. Located on the Pacific Rim, Vancouver offers a pertinent setting to probe the impact and influence of settlers and immigration on an already long-inhabited land, and how textile traditions have been influenced, changed, and/or adapted through and by cultural contact. How is the Deep Local entwined in materials, processes, and objects that articulate cultural identity? How do textiles fuse and/or adapt in the “contact zone” to become Deep Local? We particularly invite presentations that examine difference and diversity as aspects of the Deep Local, the impact of cross-cultural contact including settlement and colonization, and how globalization both challenges and enriches the Deep Local.

“Textiles as social fabric” allows for the inclusion not only of research of an historical nature but also investigations of contemporary artwork that reflects concerns for the Deep Local and the relationship between deep local and pan global. We welcome historic and contemporary perspectives that focus on disruptions to the social fabric of Deep Local textile processes by global pressures and products, including immigration.

More information about this event, along with registration, can be found here.