The Goddesses Who Wove the World

Cameron Taylor-Brown posted this article on our FB page - I loved it so much I thought I’d repost it here.

I’ve included the opening paragraph and a quote that resonated. Link through for the entire read.

The Goddesses Who Wove the World

Weaving was an important skill in many cultures around the world, allowing humans to create textiles from natural fibers found around them. For those readers that weave, they will know the magical feeling of creating that comes from weaving, knitting or the like. The creation of an object out of seemingly nothing; that two simple strands of thread can be woven into magical patterns. Weaving becomes a metaphor for creation: we weave our way through our own lives, tangling with the threads of others. Words woven together become stories and songs with which we can share our experiences of existence.

“I am the things that are, that will be, and that have been. No one has ever laid open the garment by which I am hidden. The fruit I brought forth was the sun.”

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