Viktor & Rolf Couture Article via Hyperallergic

You’ve probably seen images circling the Internet, but in case you haven’t, this article by Hyperallergic breaks down the now-iconic photos of the Viktor & Rolf SS19 collection.

Rather than designing couture that others would “memeify” after the fact, Viktor & Rolf designed memes-as-couture. This avant-garde duo created highly feminine, A-line gowns, all pastel fabrics with excessive ruffles and tulle. Contrasting with such femme colors and designs, each gown had distinct “millenial-ironic” slogans like “I’m Not Shy I Just Don’t Like You” ; “Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Want To Come”; and even a boldly stated “NO”.

More images and descriptors can be found via the article. A few can be found below.

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