LA Design Fest + Spring Arts Gallery +World Wide Knit in Public Day

This weekend in Los Angles you can view and participate in 3 distinct venues relating to Textile Making.  

Textile arts are featured in a group show at LA Design Festival at ROW DTLA  and at to Gather DTLA above the Last Bookstore on Spring St. 

From the release by Gather DTLA: "Material Language," a collaborative art show that brings together fiber, metal, sculpture and sound through the works of Amabelle Aguiluz, Catherine Lauigan and Tania Enriquez in conjunction with Gather DTLA. You don't want to miss this exciting exploration of the materials in our lives at the Spring Arts Gallery (right next to our shop)!  Saturday is also World Wide Knit in Public Day, WWKIPD come join us from 1:30-4pm."  

You can read more about the artists in Artillery Magazine .