Tanya Aguiñiga: Craft & Care Exhibition

LA-based artist Tanya Aguiñiga has an exhibition opening at the Museum of Arts and Design on May 8th, which will be on view through October 2, 2018. Tanya Aguiñiga: Craft & Care is comprised of photographic documentation, radio broadcasts, ephemera, data, and an installation - all related to Aguiñiga’s AMBOS project - along with seven other projects from Aguiñiga’s extensive design and artistic practice.

This exhibition highlights Aguiñiga’s desire to link design-based thinking and community work, using design as a vehicle for creative strategies in community building and self-care.

Tanya Aguiñiga: Craft & Care will be on view in the second-floor gallery, MAD’s gallery space dedicated to deepening visitors’ experiences of exhibitions through opportunities for interactive learning, research, and reflection, next to the thematically linked exhibition La Frontera: Encounters Along the Border will be on display.

More information can be found on MAD Museum's website here.