Kristine Upesleja: What the Future Will Wear

Check out SoCal Magazine's feature on Kristine Upesleja in their recent publication here (p. 58-63). 

Upesleja discusses different possibilities to create clothing using innovative materials in a sustainable way: 

"A completely new approach and expertise is required. Job descriptions such as Materials Alchemist, Synthetic Biologist or Design Futurist are here and necessary to move forward. Designers are exploring the findings of electronics, software and bioengineering. Collaborations with other industries are inevitable...we're enjoying a major materials revolution, which offers opportunities now, and in the future global markets."

— Kristine Upesleja, "What the Future Will Wear" in SoCal Magazine February 2018, p 58

More information on Upesleja and her consulting firm, MADISONS - Innovative Materials, can be found here.