Teresa Lanceta at the Biennale

Our traveling correspondent in Italy thought we'd enjoy these snapshots from Ms. Lanceta's installation. We do! Some notes from the wall didactic: "Teresa Lanceta began her weaving practice in 1972. Handmade artisanal textiles are, in her eyes, an impressively long-lived artistic genre, a means of transmission and constant enrichment of our aesthetic language. Profoundly influenced by the textile craftsmanship discoveries she made in Morocco, Lanceta displays alongside her own works an original Moroccan carpet, acknowledging this fundamental source of inspiration.

"In attempting to reproduce pieces she found in bazaars, the artist enters an ancestral, collective art governed by a specific set of rules, the product of a system of thought that sometimes is at odds with western traditions. For instance while covering the surface with a single motif is a common technique in traditional Moroccan tapestry, Lanceta uses blank  spaces as a way to create order and clarity. This clash of cultures drives her to constantly reinterpret and adapt traditional motifs."