Frau Fiber Russian Hippie Ponchos

Yes, there actually are Russian Hippie Ponchos! Created in Russia during the 60s, these ponchos were easy to design and make – a simple patchwork multi-use garment made from fabric remnants. The poncho was a form of creative self expression in a country where self expression was discouraged.  

We learned the history and philosophy of the Soviet hippies and the parallels between their ideas and the Sewing Rebellion. The Wende Museum, where the workshop was hosted, has quite an extensive archive of materials from the Cold War. It would be really special to arrange a group tour of their textile and pattern collection. We'd also like to invite Frau Fiber to teach a workshop for our members. If you are interested in either opportunity, please add a note in the comments!

Each participant created a unique and one-of-a-kind poncho based on Frau Fiber’s Hippie Knock Off pattern.

Sewing in a group is much more fun than sewing solo.  We sparked each other’s creative output.  

Enjoy some of the ponchos from the participants: