DUALITY, by Amabelle Aguiluz

Our friends at The Branch Gallery are pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition, Duality, featuring new work by Amabelle Aguiluz. Aguiluz is a local fiber artist incorporating clothing and textiles in her fiber sculptures and installations. Duality will consist of several site-specific installations, exploring the concepts of light vs. dark and creation vs. destruction. The installations will be constructed from upcycled knitwear and previous yarn installations by Aguiluz.

Amabelle lives and works in Los Angeles. Her practice incorporates clothing, textile, fiber sculpture, and installation processes that are presented as free form sculptures and are often incorporated into live performance, video, and photographs. She studied at Politecnico di Milano, Italy and graduated in 2011 from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York BFA in Fashion Design. Aguiluz’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including the La Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles in Outaouais, Canada.

Aguiluz’s method of unraveling existing garments and re-knitting them into different forms breathes new life into the material. This process provides a coherent rhythm of making that Aguiluz refers to as “a journey of transformation.” The repetitive motions of unraveling and re-knitting allows her to meditate on notions of self exploration, especially rebirth. The work in Duality references this rebirth, urging the audience to examine the material transformations in each installation.

The opening reception on Saturday, Nov. 11 from 3 to 6 p.m. and will include a dance performance around 5 p.m.             



Amabelle Aguiluz_Changes II.jpg

Amabelle Aguiluz