STRANDS with Amabelle Aguiluz

Fiber artist – and Textile Arts LA member! – Amabelle Aguiluz created an artist's residency at the Helms Bakery District as part of a larger collaboration with the Culver City ArtWalk earlier this month. The residency showcased Amabelle's large scale work, included several site-specific performances, and concluded this past Saturday the 20th with a special photo presentation.

ABOUT STRANDS: "Three artists will layer audio echoes from a knitting machine's tempo, which leads to yang quints composition and on-the-spot rhythmic painting. "STRANDS" draws from three artists' unique mediums and perspective to demonstrate our common contemplation of the past and future, traditions and modernity, Eastern and Western art practices, and the struggle to juggle multiple identities within one given time and space.

The performance piece is a visualization & reenactment of how ‘strands’ is perceived by three female Asian artists: Amabelle Aguiluz, Si Jie Loo and Joy Wu. These artists take traditional tools to give voice to contemporary issues, using lines from textile, brush strokes and instruments to connect us, bind us, and hopefully de-tangle all the knots of illusions that are detracting us from the ‘truth.'

Amabelle Aguiluz is a fiber artist with extensive background in clothing design, Joy Wu is a masterful Chinese dulcimer player trained in Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing who also plays the electric bass, and SiJie Loo is an ink painter who dives into the spirit of ancient China to contemplate modernity. All of them work in mediums that are traditionally passed down from generation to generation but yearn to grow and innovate in this ever changing world as citizens of today."