Mimi Haddon uses fiber sculpture as a tool to explore the themes of archetypes. She prefers to show her work outside of the gallery walls and in public or unexpected locations and enjoys the freedom of responding to spaces not normally reserved for artistically charged notions. Through her use of color, light and awkward body references, she infuses a sense of humor into her creature-like sculptures. She attributes her fascination with combining humor and post-apocalyptic themes to the many thousands of hours watching I Love Lucy and Twilight Zone reruns as a child. Recently she has been creating costumes for Heidi Duckler Dance Company including for the performance, “The Enormous Wound” with Toogie Barcelo and for “Back in Circulation”, performed at The Brand Library and the West Hollywood Library. She is currently working on a coffee table book about Palace Costume, one of the largest costume rental houses in Los Angeles. She teaches textile related workshops in her home studio, The Craft and Folk Art Museum and FIDM.


My process is a dance. I am always aware of how my body is engaging with the materials with which I am working. Because of this, I can turn my mind off and let collaborations occur without preconceived language or expectations. Through this corporeal momentum, I am revisiting pockets of memory hidden in the far corners of my physical being. They surface unexpectedly. Like flecks of glitter left over after a night at the disco, these bits can rest overlooked for years. Until the one day when the light is at that perfect 60˚ angle and your eye just happens to be glancing over - it catches your attention and you are locked in a moment of recognition. Memories are insistent and find sneaky ways to present themselves; Shapeshifters that they are.