Taylor Kibby is a sculptor located in Los Angeles, CA. She received her MFA in Applied Craft + Design in 2018 from a joint program between PNCA and OCAC in Portland, OR. Centered on creating objects that encourage engagement, Taylor's process is about experience and awareness. Through weight, texture, surface, and sound Taylor’s work inspire close investigation and consciousness of surroundings.

Deeply influenced by the sun drenched vistas of her Southern California childhood, Taylor's work is a blend of high style, the sensual, and the slightly strange. Taylor has received scholarships to a end residencies and workshops at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado and Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine. She currently has a show in Palm Springs, CA.


Thinking through making to explore the push and pull of objects moving together in space. I am interested in the stories that objects conjure through their collec on; how do we sift and sieve memories to build narratives about ourselves and others as represented through collections, mementos, impressions, and experiences.

To this end, I intend to plumb the stories I have told about myself in order to construct cairn-like sculptures. These small monuments will explore the fleeting and imperfect nature of memory, self-identity, and the constant shift of objects against each other.