jaye whitworth




I was born & raised in the Midwest, with an abiding interest in nature and traditional methods of craftmaking like woodworking and quilting. The idea of mend, re-use and re-make continues to inform my art. I have maintained a fine art studio in Long Beach for 20 years, after graduating cum laude from CSULB, and have maintained an active stance in Long Beach through teaching publicly & privately in schools, Museums, LB Parks & Rec Dept., as well as the Anti-Gang Programs. I now teach in the studio and am a part of the Mid City Studio Tour every other year.


Like poet Pablo Neruda, I have a crazy, crazy love of things. I consider myself a painter, but I use diverse materials, including discarded & found objects, as my palette. My creative process involves chance and spontaneity and is one of experimentation and transformation. Repurposing a material is for me a meditative process, a way of dealing with the chaos of today. I love making something from nothing, and the magic that creates meaninful and precious 'art things' that inspire wonder, curiosity and contemplation while skirting the edge of disarray.

All Tied Up  2019

All Tied Up


Red Line

Red Line

Pink Linen

Pink Linen