We're committed to creating a robust and inspiring community.



We've launched our site with a framework of our educational and professional classes; efforts to draw collectors, students, and the at-large community into our fold through studio tours and workshops and casual meet-ups; and a bold vision to organize and host a Textile Summit. As we work to add dates, locations, and content details to these events, we hope you will engage with us to build a valuable resource for us all. 


In order to nurture and cultivate artistic growth and craftsmanship in the textile arts we will be offering a series of workshops designed to teach textile techniques in depth and go beyond introductory material. In addition, we will co-sponsor events and share information about classes, workshops, and lectures in the greater Los Angeles region.



To best support our collective professional growth and facilitate a dialogue among practitioners, explorers, advocates, and the community at large, Textile Arts LA needs a home. We are looking for a space now and are hopeful that, as we grow and learn more about our collective needs and aspirations, the ideal (or at least workable!) studio-workshop-resource center will present itself. Please link below for more details on our extended wish list.