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Los Angeles Artist Carrie Burckle works in a multiplicity of textile processes, emanating from her love of materials and working with her hands.

Her work blurs the lines between traditional fiber processes and the sculptural object into richly layered, expressive, and contemplative works.

Carrie is an instructor in the fiber program at CSULB. She is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Textile Arts | LA.

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To be hung out and extended away from frame from a wooden dowel or hook, and possibly anchored to ground due to wind conditions.

Create small irregular sculptural forms/multiple units, using an interlacing process along with ties to anchor junctures. These units will be joined together with waxed linen or cable ties. The units will accumulate into a large scale Cloud Form.

Concept: The desert floor sits open to a vast sky- scape above. My idea is to bring the sky into focus by giving attention to clouds. Clouds bring rain. We desperately need rain in our region of the Western United States. In Hanging Cloud I pay homage to the rain gods.

Size: approx. 7 ‘ x 4 ’ x 3 ’

Materials: white paper core, waxed linen and/or cable ties