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Bianca Barbaro is an Australian fibre artist who takes inspiration from forms in the built environment, art, and objects, as well as from travelling and feeling immersed in different cultures, environments and landscapes. The beauty of these surrounds conjure up all sorts of shapes, colours and textures in her mind that she blends with notions of vintage design.

 Her interest in macramé extends beyond the beauty of the finished product to the artisan craft, and the gateway it provides to the past – she feels that the vintage elements are like hidden stories, captured and integrated with modern elements to make a new story, relevant to today.

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Her products are created out of a variety of materials, both human-made and natural fibres; cotton rope, jute, polyester and nylon. Wood, copper and beads are used as hanging structures and embellishments to complete the designs. The thickness and style of the rope has bearing on which knots to use, while consideration of the purpose and space has impact on the overall design.

She is interested in relationships and collaborations between people using the knot as a tool, and the notion that something so simple can be a vehicle for continuity and linkages. The tactile nature of fibre art also has the benefit of encouraging interaction with people, moving it beyond a purely visual experience.